Setting up host file at client PC (Mac)


On mac Operating System, the full path to the file is /etc/hosts. The instructions below are valid for all mac OS versions.

Open host file in editor #

In your terminal window, open the hosts file using your favorite text editor:

$ sudo nano/hosts/etc

When prompted, enter your administrative password.

Add the entries in your editor #

Scroll down to the end of the file and add your new entries:

add in following sequence,

xxxx = your ip (You can get your IP from IMPAKTT team, and add your website URL.)

domain name = your system url

Example: xxx.xx.xx.x


Save the Changes #

Save the changes and flush the DNS cache:

$ dnscacheutil -flushcache


Restart Browser #

For immediate effect, close your browser, then reopen it.

Now open your url.



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