Create Lead/Enqiury against contact/company

Video Tutorial : #

Navigation #

STEP # 01 #

Go to main menu and click B2B Deals –> Deals.

Add Deal #

STEP # 02 #

You will be directed to this page below. Click Add New to make a new deal.

STEP # 03 #

After clicking Add New Deal the following form will appear, fill it as shown below:

  1. Type Contact name.
  2. Type Company name
  3. Provide Deal Value in Rs.
  4. Select the Pipeline Stage by dragging the mouse upto required level of stages.
  5. Select Owner.
    Note: The owner should be admin.
  6. Select Expected close day.

  1. Click Save and you will receive a message Deal created successfully as shown below.

View Your Deal #

STEP # 04 #

Open deal so you will be directed to the following page to manage your deal communication & order further.

You can always manage your leads as per your B2B Lead pipeline from deal page as shown below, or from the detail page top bar.


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