Add Outlets

Step#01: Go To Outlets








Step# 02:  IF  You Want To Make New Outlets First Fill Form

Step # 03: In Form their is Outlets  Details

  • Insert Outlet Name
  • Insert Country and Region
  • Insert  Outlet  Address
  • Insert Town and City
  • Insert  State, Country and Postal code
  • Insert Default Shipping Method
  • Insert Wi-fi-Network
  • Insert Wi-fi Password



























If you click on use store address it take company address automatically



Step # 04: In Form their is  Contact  Details

Insert Email

Insert Phone

Insert Fax

Insert Website












Step # 05: In Form their is  Social  Details

  • Insert Twitter Account
  • Insert Facebook Account
  • Insert Instagram Account
  • Insert Snapchat Account

















Step#06: Then Click Add New Button



Create outlet see here







You can also edit the outlet details Just click on edit button








If you want to delete one and more outlet select and click on Bulk Action  we have drop down icon click on it and select delete option then click on Apply Button



In Search Bar you can search outlets





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