Restore Account

To restore or un-ban any employee account just follow the below steps:

STEP # 01 #

1. Go to your site.

2. Under the main menu click on User Management -> All Users.

STEP # 02 #

This will redirect you to the Users page where you can edit the employees.

Note: In the below image the User Insights column showing dark symbol which indicates that the user is banned. Similarly the faded symbol indicates that the user is unbanned.

STEP # 03 #

To unban an employee hover anywhere on the user and you will see some options appearing just click on Ban User symbol from the options to restore the account. See the highlighted area in the image below.

Note: Once you unban the user just refresh the page and you will see the symbol turns faded which means the user is unbanned.

STEP # 04 #

If you want to assign roles for the employees, click on Capabilities as highlighted in the image below.

STEP # 05 #

Under Capabilities -> User Role Editor you can assign multiple roles that you want for the particular employee.


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