Searching & Filtration of Contacts

In our IMPAKTT CRM you can easily search & filter your leads and contacts.  In a  following tutorial you can see how you can setup search segments or can do a simple search.

Simple Search & Filter #

  1. Go on left Menu -> (CRM)under Sales -> Contact
  2. Type keyword / name you want to search in a filed of name
  3. You can filter via contact owner aswell from contact owner drop down, as shown in below image


Creation & Using of Search Segmentation #

  1. You can create a search segment by clicking on the button Search Segment
  2. Click on Add Filter, as shown in below image.
  3. Select any field you want to search, i.e: I have selected Phone , as shown in below image.
  4. Select the rule from drop down, like I have selected contains
  5. mentioned value, like  I placed Phone number I want to search, as shown in below image.
  6. Place on tick now it will show you filtered results

  7. Click on Save New segment to save segment for next time

  8. After click it ask you to mention name of this segment, and mark check if you want to make it available for all. after that hit Save


Filter from Search Segmentation #

  1. Now all search segment will be available in filter, keep in mind it will only filter only shows you the contacts you have, as shown in below image.
  2.  you can always update segment aswell as shown in below image.


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