MRP rates & Taxation handling

 Video Tutorial 

Configuration #

STEP # 01 #

For Enabling the option, navigate to Main Menu –> Accounting & Finance –> Settings –> Configuration.

STEP # 02 #

Click on the Entry Configuration button.

STEP # 03 #

Check on is MRP price field enabled? & Show Expense Tax Line Item?

Method #

STEP # 01 #

Now to create VO for purchasing product , navigate to Main Menu –> Accounting –> Expenses.

STEP # 02 #

Select your specified Vendor and other required details.

STEP # 03 #

Here you will see multiple columns, MRP Price, Tax Type, T/O & Rebet.

  • Tax Type: if tax type is selected MRP, then selected tax will be calculated according to MRP price.
  • T/O: this is a trade offer discount usually used in retail business.
  • Rebet: an additional discount field used in retail business, which does not affect of sub-total of the voucher

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