B2B or B2C Cycle Overview

Following is the tutorial to understand IMPAKTT Standard Cycle Flow-Chart for your better understanding.

Video Tutorial #


Step By Step Tutorial #


(A) Add Employee:

First, you have to add an employee so for this here is the link:

Create Employee

Assign Designated Role: #

After that you have to give that employee a designated role for this here is the link below:

Creating and Managing Designations

(B)Catalog Setup: #

Then afterward you have to do catalog setup and for this, the link is underneath:

Getting Started With Catalog Setup


(C)Purchasing & Availability of Inventory: #

Following is the tutorial link to explain the availability of inventory and its purchasing:

Purchasing Inn

(D) Sale (POS): #

Learn how to sale from POS from the below tutorial:

Sale From POS


(E)Punching an Orders (Order Manager): #

Punching of orders can be learned from the below tutorial:

How To Order from Order Manager

(F)Manage Order Delivery: #

To learn the order delivery cycle, click on the following tutorial.

Manage Order Delivery

(G)Reports: #

Reports are the goal, of the complete cycle which can be understood from the following tutorial.

All Reports

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