Migration to IMPAKTT Cloud

Following steps explain the migration process to IMPAKTT from your current system. An intermediate environment shall be created  known as Temporary Live Environment, it is required to test the legacy system before it is pointed to domain.

Creating Temporary Live Environment #

The Temporary live environment shall be created with the updated version of IMPAKTT .

Importing Data #

The next step is to import your data from live environment. It can take  multiple days after initiation of migration process, depending upon the size of your current data and format of data.

Merging & Testing #

Your data and the configuration are then merged and tested in this environment with updates made.

Client End Testing #

It is later tested at the client side by the client for review and confirmation by using following method to temporarily point live domain from specific testing PC to the Temporary Live Environment.

You can learn about pointing domain on different OS at https://impaktt.com/setup-host-file/

Database Update #

After the confirmation, Live environment is scheduled for shutdown for migration of updated database, it can be 2 to 48 hours according to your data size & format.

DNS update #

After completion, the DNS needs to be updated on the domain, which shall be provided on registered account from support system. DNS prorogation shall take 5 to 48 hours.

Your IMPAKTT system is ready to use as LIVE.

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