Getting Started – B2B Cycle for Lead Management

B2B lead cycles are not pretty simple, IMPAKTT Lead Management help sales team to manage their lead cycles in a desire way more smartly.

Following will be the steps to manage lead cycle.

  1. Setup B2B Lead Cycle
    • Setup Deal/Enquiry Pipeline
    • Configure Activity types
    • Possible Lost reasons
  2. Import Leads via CSV or Add Contact/Company from CRM
  3. Create Lead/Enqiury against contact/company
  4. Communication via CRM against enquiry
    • Assign participants and agents for that enquiry
    • Task & Schedules manage via CRM against enquiry
    • Send and communicate emails
  5. Send order estimation
    • Send via email
    • Manage as lead pipeline (i.e: negotiation stage etc)
  6. Won an estimate & forward to operations

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