Employee Profile

The employee profile page is an essential part of HRM operation. Here is a quick guide of all the tabs.


STEP # 01 #

To go to the employee profile, you need to navigate to Main Menu –> HR Management –> My Profile

General Info #

STEP # 02 #

This section holds all the basic information about the employee.

  1. To add data or update this section, click on the Edit button to the top.
  2. There are also sections to add Basic Info, Personal Details, and Work Experience.
  3. Pressing the Terminate button beside it will change the employee status to terminated.

Pressing the Edit button will bring up this modal window.

Job #

STEP # 03 #

In this section you can maintain the employee job details related to your company. You can change employee status, change compensation rates, give promotion and shift departments etc.


Leave #

STEP # 04 #

The employees leave requests and leave history is displayed here.


Notes #

STEP # 05 #

The notes section allows you to add text notes, reminders, messages, records, remarks, comments and other information on an employee’s profile.

Performance #

STEP # 06 #

From the performance tab you can make performance reports on the employee, set goals and add comments on performance.


Asset #

STEP # 07 #

Assign and manage your company assets to your employees. You can add giving and receiving dates.

Documents #

STEP # 08 #

Store your Employee and CRM contacts detail documents or any other company documents in the Documents tab.

Upload & Create Documents #

To store all HR related and company files, navigate to Main Menu –> HR Management –> DocumentsHere you can see the name of the files and folders, when it was created or modified, who created, and the file size.

  1. To create a folder, click on the Create Folder button. Set a folder name and hit ok. Your folder will be created.

2. If you want to Upload any folder just click on Upload Folder button and select a file from your computer.

Payroll #

Payroll allows you to easily manage your employee salaries and automate the system in an effective way.

Attendance #

You can view monthly reports, in and out times and work hours from this tab. There is also a print summary button to quickly print a report.


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