Preparing Excel File

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Analyze and test the issues of product import (excel file) from which you want the data to be import in All Import tool.

STEP # 01 #

Check the duplication in SKU-CODE column and if any duplications are found removed them.

Steps to removed duplications in excel:

  1. Select a column and click on Conditional Formatting on the HOME
  2. Under Conditional Formatting menu hover over Highlight Cells Rules and click on duplicate values.
  3. Click ok button and check for duplications in the file.

STEP # 2 #

  1. Test Type column and if it is a variable product check that child SKU is correct or not.

2. In the above image see that TYPE column have variations for every parent product. As the system does not have any variation field for mapping, these all variations will be replaced by variable as shown in the image below.

STEP # 3 #

Check the Outlet ID and set it correctly if it is showing different outlets for different products. The outlet should be same otherwise the stocks will not be map in the outlet.

STEP # 4 #

  1. The final step is to test the Function Outlet Stock and check that the formula is correctly applied on this column.
  2. The columns to be merged are in the sequence (T->U->V->P->W) preceding with the equal to sign.

STEP # 5 #

Our Product Import Excel File is now ready to import. Navigate to the next section for importing file.

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