We are glad to acknowledge our IMPAKTT Family, that much waited major release of version 1.8 is now officially LIVE!

You can submit a request for “upgrade to V 1.8” from your registered account or email address.

What You Can Expect In (V 1.8)

Following listed are the upgrades, tweaks & fixes according to the modules.

You can view the tutorials link for the each New Features released in V 1.8.

S.No Type Description Tutorial Guide
1. Tweaks Add double date range filter in reports of Balance sheet, income statement, trial balance.
2. New Advance collection against customer and pay from advance the other invoices. View
3. New Advance payment against vendor and pay from advances the other payable. View
4. Fix Bulk status update now create invoices.
5. Tweak Collected by / Paid by can be required from the settings. View
6. New Cost center integrated to manage multiple outlets/project/sub-businesses View
7. Fix Enable bulk status update for vendor credit.
8. New MRP Rates option for retail businesses. View
9. New New Additional Print formats for vendor credits, invoice, vouchers, payment receipts.
10. Tweak On payment posted add order notes with the amount.
11. Tweak On payment posted send email notification to customer with the amount.
12. Tweak Quick outstanding & advances in customer & vendor listings
13. New Taxation handle automatically according to the MRP rates percentage set in the product View
14. Tweak Created At column added in columns on transaction listing pages.
15. Tweak Audit Logs added while updated journal entry
S.No Type Description Tutorial Guide
16. New Log the import data aswell in stock log, even while importing from files for movement report. View
17. Tweak Manage Stock, Enable Reserve, Enable Reserve Warehouse by default
S.No Type Description Tutorial Guide
18. Fix User import from all users
S.No Type Description Tutorial Guide
19. Tweak Gross & Netsales on dashboard will come according to the status set in report settings
20. New Stock movement report View
S.No Type Description Tutorial Guide
21. Tweak Order against deal capture the deal more efficiently to avoid duplication
22. Tweak Posting now deal ids against order aswell, for future reporting purposes
23. Tweak On deal won, posted order notes & reset the deal Value
24. New Deal meta box shows on order page, with overview of related deal status
25. New Deal Can create from contact now View
S.No Type Description Tutorial Guide
26. New Custom Advance field integrated with the invoice builder for orders View
27. New Custom Advance field group base fields can show in invoices as grid View
28. Tweak In Order management accounting & CRM meta box, connected with selected customer account instead of billing email id for that order.
S.No Type Description Tutorial Guide
29. Tweak Logistics handling optimize.
30. Tweak Load sheet for preparing orders. View
31. Tweak Improvements in accounting auto invoicing for logistics with vendors credit merger.
32. New Vendor credit & receivable against each in-house rider individually. View
33. New Each in-house rider have separate individual ledger. View
34. Tweak Track logistics delivery from order listing & order details directly.
S.No Type Description Tutorial Guide
35. Tweak Each outlet can have separate bank account View
36. Tweak Each outlet can connect with cost center View
37. Tweak POS order ids auto generated instead of saving next on each register
38. Tweak Product can search more optimizely
S.No Type Description Tutorial Guide
39. Tweak Formats of logs.
40. Tweak Reserve auto reduce optimize with new settings feature. View
41. Tweak FIFO updates according to outlet.
42. New Child bundle product/raw material stock operation effect on parent stock status accordingly.
43. Tweak Raw material/child product cogs marked or not, available in settings according to you need.
44. New Packaging Qty while import & ship.
45. Fix Stock manage from bulk update from order manager.
46. Fix Stock return from production has been fixed while returning multiple items.
47. Fix Show all products instead limited while searching from sku or by name
48. New Logs can be filter according to outlet on all outlets page
49. New Logs are restricted according to selected outlet stock page

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